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Caroline Donica's directing experience includes working with children, teenagers, and adults.  Currently, she works at the Savannah Children's Theatre as a choreographer, music director, director, and film teacher. In 2023, Caroline made her Atlanta directorial debut with Contemporary Classics Theatre. She also directed a short film with Open Seat Productions. Through Innerversity Productions, Caroline wrote, produced, and directed several webseries, short films, and a podcast. With Artists AF (All Female), she directed a short film, a music video cover, and two original 10 minute plays. Caroline was honored to direct the first graduate workshop performance of The Bald Soprano at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She also directed The Room of Broken Glass with GradLab at SCAD. During her time at East Texas Baptist University, Caroline directed Charles Mee's Iphigenia 2.0 as part of her senior honors project. Additionally, Caroline has had the pleasure of working at ArtsView Children's Theatre as a director, assistant director, and choreographer. She has studied the directing styles of Anne Bogart, Michael Bloom and others. Caroline's philosophy of directing celebrates collaboration, flexibility, and growth. She strives to find the most effective communication style to inspire greater creativity in artists.



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